It won’t kill you to slow down

Throughout the year, traffic officers of the Department of Transport and Public Works (DTPW) patrol high-risk routes to stop speedsters in their tracks. These officers are saving lives through proactive intervention, and their interventions support the Department’s Safely Home #SpeedKillsFacts road safety campaign which runs during August.

Speeding plays a causal and aggravating role in many fatal crashes on Western Cape roads. Many motorists are guilty of driving over the speed limit. Where there are cameras, speedsters are photographed and held accountable for their actions. Visible law enforcement helps to keep drivers within the speed limit and reduces the risk of crashes.

“We encourage motorists to slow down. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of a horrific crash that could result in serious injuries or death. We will continue to address speeding through awareness campaigns, enforcement activities, and the Average Speed Over Distance (ASOD) camera law enforcement…

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